Personalized text fields can be any expression that is 40 characters long.
Email us If you require more characters or special characters.

Many models have a Name field and it can be used in many ways.
For instance, you can have first name only, first and middle, or all three.
Or, you can express the theme of the frame, such as "Elizabeth's School Years"


You can personalize your Time-Frame at any time! This means you can give
Time-Frames before the name of a child is known - e.g., at a baby shower.

To receive your printed personalization either fax us the form that comes
with your order or email us the following information:

  1. Child's name or Title of frame
  2. Birth date or Footer text where applicable
  3. Model number of frame
  4. Color of Template (the printed sheet behind the mat).
  5. The name and address we should send it to.

We then send you a printed personalized sheet of page. Cut the personalized
text box and tape this cutout to the back of the mat.