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Digital Photo Tips 
digital photo tips
Digital Photos - Goodbye - Red Eye

What causes Red Eye?

When the camera flash reflects off the retina, blood vessels can be reflected back to the lens. That is what causes Red Eye.
Some Tips To Avoid Red Eye - Prevention is the Best Cure:
1. Use additional light sources in the room.
2. Stand farther away from the subject to be photographed.
3. Using a flash?  Have the subject look at the camera BUT not at the lens.
4. Avoid using a flash if you can - Focus on daylight pictures
5.Take two or more pictures. The first picture will cause the eyes to contract.
Check your Digital Camera Manual
The newest digital camera's have built in Red Eye solutions.  It is a good idea before buying your next camera to check for this feature.  In addition quite a few printers have built in solutions.  If you print your photos at home check for this feature before you purchase a printer or check your current printer manual to see if this feature is available to you.
HELP - I don't have those features and have Red Eye.

There is a special pen that reduces red-eye you can purchase from a photography shop. Draw over the red-eye on your photographic prints to reduce the red-eye effect.

Scan the picture into your computer and use image-editing software to fix the red-eye. Most such programs have a feature especially designed for this purpose.

A photo-editing shop if you do not have a scanner and image-editing software, can get rid of the red eye.

PhotoShop CS2
I am hoping for this new version for my birthday.  The Red Eye Tool is one of the new features in PhotoShop CS2. It is easy to fix red eye with this tool.
Red Eye Tool
Simply select the eye with this tool , adjust the pupil size and adjust the darken amount. It just does not get much easier than this, you can see the changes as they occur.
Who is the most susceptible subject?
Without getting two technical here - the subjects most prone to Red Eye are children. Ambient light level (low level causes subject's retina to open wider to admit more light, exposing the iris which is what reflects the red light.), the younger the subject, the wider the retina, hence the greater the red-eye effect. So be careful to take all of the above precautions seriously when taking pictures of children.
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