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Digital Photo Tips 
digital photo tips
Digital Photos - Extreme Makeover

For the amateur photographer the art of enhancing photos may seem quite challenging.  Here are a few simple tricks that can make a big difference in your photos. Outlined are two top graphics programs Corel and Photoshop CS where these changes are relatively simple to put in place.

Corel - Lets Whiten those teeth.
Open the photo by browsing to where it is located on your hard drive from the Corel program and double click the photo.
Choose the Makeover tool
  • From the Learning Center's Home page, choose Retouch and Restore, and then choose Makeover. The Makeover tool will become active.
The second mode of the makeover tool is called the toothbrush.
Choose this mode from the Tool Options palette as shown below.
digital photo tips
If you have to zoom in on the photo to see the teeth clearer that's fine. Place the Toothbrush mode cursor directly over a tooth, and then click once. There's no need to actually brush - the toothbrush will apply the whiteness across an entire smile in one click! Pretty amazing and very simple.
Corel - Clean Up a Blemish
Just when you thought you were perfect an unsightly blemish appears for a holiday or that family event and the flashes are snapping all around you. Here is an easy way to get rid of those blemishes permanently. . You will still have your makeover tool active or you will have to activate that again as outlined above .In the Tool Options palette, choose the Blemish Fixer mode.
digital photo frame tips
If you have to zoom in on the photo to target that blemish than do so. Place the tool cursor directly over the blemish so that the cursor's inner circle encloses it, and then click. If the blemish is still visible, click over it again, or increase the Strength setting and then click.To increase the cursor size, adjust the Size setting in the Tool Options palette, or hold down the Alt key and drag the mouse.
PhotoShop CS
Photoshop is a more sophisticated application and if you are not that expert this may take a little practice, but believe me it is a lot easier than using the clone tool which was all that was available until this version. In CS we have a new tool called the Healing Brush which makes touch ups a lot  easier.
Eyedropper Tool - Healing Brush : Get a precise shade and texture
digital photo frame tips Eyedropper Tool
Open the photo in photo shop the same way you brought it into Corel, browse to the picture and click to open.  You will get a more natural makeover in Photoshop because you can match a more natural shade of teeth and completion in this software.
 You will use the eyedropper tool and click on a blemish free area of the face to match the color perfectly or if whitening the teeth choose a tooth with a close to natural but white color with this tool. If you want whiter choose a color from the color wheel available by clicking one of the color squares at the bottom of the tool bar.
The eyedropper tool is featured in the top left graphic. ..
Healing Brush
digital photo frame tips Now you are ready to choose the Healing Brush this is where it gets a bit more complicated. You have the color but now you need to copy the texture also. Put the healing brush on a area that is blemish free and press alt click, that will select the texture. From there simply click on the blemish, or tooth or any area you want to "Heal" and the color and the texture will be replicated in a natural way. With this brush however, you will need to click on each section you want to makeover. The Healing Brush is featured in the graphic directly to the left.  The photo of the family on top was retouched using PhotoShop CS.
Now you are ready to give yourself or anyone's digital photo an "Extreme Makeover", and of course once your photo's are picture perfect, you will want to place them in the perfect photo frame. I am going to suggest our new
Any Theme Frames , with deluxe moulding for a picture perfect frame addition to any family's photo wall display collection!
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Look for new digital camera tips, and photo articles here each month
Until then, happy photo shooting .
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